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First time signed in voters, use California Pacific coast ballot
Development is ongoing


This California as a state ballot is a practice issue vote used to illustrate the opportunities of nuanced preference voting. This is not official, nor a part of anything. It is Autonomous Democracy. This is a second try after the november election. Autonomous democracy now has progressed to having a separate development area. A third try at electronically assisted nuanced preferences will no doubt have a different focus at a future date. Nuanced preference is human and predates computers. The big step is breaking new trail away from binary yes or no.

There are many kinds of ranked choice voting methods. Instant run-off is one type. It selects using a mathematical formula if there is no clear winner. Nuanced preferences can be too complicated for an instant run-off formula. Here voting is free, there can be ties and there can be no winner. This is for fun, a new election and a new subject is not a big deal. There are no very expensive ballots to print, etc. New elections can cost as much as 55¢ per person in a town. This is far too much to pay for a second chance if the first election went sour? Who says that?

This second ballot test will not evolve but a third will go further and there will be a new issue to vote on next time. The nuance allowed here is very limited number tweaking and gaming. It presents and practices with ideas of nuanced preference ranking as a way to help focus the distributed intelligence of cosmic powered biology manifest as human.

Why is this happening in California and among the surfers of Oregon and nature lovers along the entire gray whale coast?

This path to discovery and development of nuanced preference voting expressed through autonomous democracy began at ferrocement.com and the California discovery of artistic, hazard secure, affordable housing that lasts for centuries. Sculptured structures with minimal maintenance or the need for storm, earthquake or fire structural insurance was first articulated at ferrocement.com with a question;

What does it mean when houses pay people to live in themselves?

Such a house provides pride of place and environmentally educated children with smaller families. These savings pay for both private and public costs of every ferrocement home for a very long time.

Ferrocement.com has sheltered ferrocement as a people's sculptural material that includes structures since 1999. This shelter now includes autonomous democracy. That is why emails go to ferrocement.com

Many people have discussed age-old ideas of autonomous democracy. Such discussions will continue as long as humans walk on Earth. This site is for practicing autonomous democracy on line and on air. Autonomous democracy is an ancient tool used to focus distributed intelligence. Practice has to start somewhere and this is as good a place to start as any. The Ballot Box Index explains more.

Programmer help is wanted to begin a third development cycle. The style of this website is used so the companion websites look the same and so inexpensive black and white posters can be made from results pages. The last programmer refused these points after initially agreeing and now the voting tool starts over. Express interest at the contact address below.