Autonomous Democracy Ballot Listing

Test one : nuanced preference voting

The first test of preference voting closes March 8, 2019. This corresponds to the campaign dates associated with the idea that California should become an independent nation. That notion seems controversial enough to attract experimental votes and test the idea of autonomous democracy. If the date changes or that campaign falters, then a new test vote will have hopefully been devised to take its place. What do people think? That's what autonomous democracy is.

Assume for a moment that the current test ballot involving autonomous democracy will become obsolete soon. What then would be a good ballot replacement? Please send an email with suggestions.

Use this email contact to send ballot suggestions and write about subjects not yet covered. The email contact is through a companion website known as - This is done for operating convenience and may change in the future.

It may be that people do not actually want or see a reason for autonomous democracy. Investment in this idea has therefore been kept to a minimum. Email is virtually free and the first communication link for creating future ballots.

Are you cosmic powered biology manifest as human surfing big still banging at life speed? Email your idea of what should be the next practice for autonomous democracy nuanced preference voting.